box feeder

Box feeder

is the machine that adjusts the flow rate of the raw materials and that provides the raw materials to enter the clay.

Box feeder provides the final adjustment of the flow rate in the midst part of the production line and the storing of the materials and the entering of the materials from fixed silos back to the belt conveyor.

By placing a silo on the rigid body, it can be used as a silo Box-feeder.

The machine has a rigid frame and is ruggedly constructed.

The shoes are capable of withstanding heavy loads and are driven through a gearbox. The trouble-free operation of the machine is smooth under the heaviest loads.

The machine produces a flow rate of 45-70 m3/h is possible with curtain adjustment.

The machine completely is produces the steel construction. The chassis has good strength.

Maximum density and high material discharge rates thanks to specially designed metal-slat belts
Reliable discharge, even of poorly flowing raw materials and bodies thanks to wide-front boxes
Uniform material flow thanks to paddle blades and infinitely adjustable belt drives
Various types of paddle blades for materials with different requirements
Reliable box seal and pre-tensioned, hinged belt scraper
Smooth, service-reduced operation thanks to automatic lubrication unit
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