Automatic Clay Brick Cutter Machine

Group cut

The cut ingots are delivered by a single cutting machine with a brick mold (façade, wall blade-ceiling block) and are cut into different dimensions (single ingot, two ingots).


This device is designed for sizing and cutting bricks and is used in the production line.

Group cutting power 20 KW
Gearboxes used in the device, are made by one of the best brands with a warranty
Cutting capacity 12 strokes per minute
The number of bricks per cut is 32 in standard size 5.5 x 11 x 22 cm
Production capacity of 20,000 molds per hour

Materials used in construction:

Angle DIN-1028
Studs grade 8, 10, 12 DIN-1026
Single cut (guillotine) cutting capacity of 12 ingots per minute
The electrical panel used includes: contactors and relays made by LG South Korea
Wire system with aluminum wires and steel fasteners


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