Box feeder

Box Feeders

Box Feeders are designed for even, continuous and controlled dosing and storage of material. Slat box feeders are mainly used for handling wet material while rubber belt box feeders are more suitable for dry and dusty material. These box feeders are widely used not only in the ceramics industry but also in the chemicals and minerals sectors.

An ideal range of sizes and configurations provides the flexibility and adaptability to suit all kinds of application.


This device is used for soil maintenance and feeding in the brick production line.

Soil application capacity: 47-55 tons per hour soil 7% moisture
Band gearbox: helical gearbox
Lump breaker gearbox: helical gearbox
Band chain link: made of ST 60 steel belt
Band chain pin: made of DIN-1.1191 steel
Band chain pulley: cast iron GG20
Band shoes: 8 mm thick steel sheet ST37
Room: ST 37 steel sheet with a thickness of 4 mm
Chassis: iron beam and studs DIN-1026
Rail: Band guide rail of 10 x 100 angle is used according to DIN-1026, which is reinforced by CK 60 steel belt.
Sprockets: Sprockets are made of ST60 steel through casting.
Shafts: Made of DIN-1.1191 steel.
Bearings: Made in Iran
Bearings: from reputable brands


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