Extruder Machine

A wonderful machine for producing all kinds of bricks to produce up to 200,000 bricks per day

Molding or extrusion is the final phase of preparation to give shape to the product to be manufactured/ extruder brick machine


Gearbox: according to the customer’s order, the solar gearbox and GG 20 cast iron shell

Gear: cast steel made of DIN-1.7034 steel with 37-40 HRC hardening treatment and stress relief

Pinion shaft: made of DIN-1.7034 steel and heat treated with a hardness of 45-45 HRC.

Vacuum Chamber: Gray cast iron GG 25

Pulley Wheel: Gray cast iron GG 20

Ring and Seat of Panel: Carbon steel cast

Paddle: Wear-resistance cast steel

Clutch: Pneumatic

Spiral Feeder: Double spiral (left and right) carbon steel casting

Ball Bearings: Made of the best brands


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