Mill crusher

The Hamgam Sanat Hammer Crusher is designed for the reduction of large pieces and large capacities of limestone, shale,soil , slag, and cement rock. The larger sizes are built to take steam shovel size limestone, crushing it into pieces 1″, 2″, 3″, or 4″ and under, in one operation, the one unit doing the work ordinarily done by two or more of other types of crushers. This enables large reduction of limestone and other materials to a uniform size with minimum initial and production costs. All parts are extra heavy to withstand heavy, continuous service. The Hamgam Hammer Crushers are supplied with either heavy cast iron frames or with armor-plate steel frames with manganese steel liners. These crushers are provided with a hinged breaker plate easily adjustable to compensate for wear, as well as giving easy access to working parts. The large, heavy-duty crushers are frequently used in such industries as carbide, chemical, and cement as primary machines where large capacities and cubical products are desired.

The Hamgam Sanat Reversible Hammer Crusher is designed especially for reducing bituminous coal down to a product of 85% minus 1/8″, at large capacities, for coking purposes. These machines are also adaptable to the reduction of abrasive materials since they are symmetrical about the vertical center line and when one corner of the hammers becomes worn, it is only necessary to reverse the direction of the rotor in order to use the opposite unused faces of the hammers. The frame is made of heavy welded plate steel equipped with removable manganese liners and provided with vertical hinged breaker plates to compensate for the wear on breaker plate liners.


Crush Soil Machine Hammer Crusher for Soil Clay Brick

Soil mill size 100×50
This device is used before preparing the soil, it grinds lumpy and lumpy soils and makes them uniform for better penetration of water into the soil.


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